Kyrgyzstan Ultra 吉爾吉斯挑戰賽

Karakol, Kyrgyzstan 卡拉科爾

20 to 26 July, 2018


General Information 賽事概况

Karakol, formerly Przhevalsk, is the fourth largest city in Kyrgyzstan, near the eastern tip of Lake Issyk-Kul in Kyrgyzstan, about 150 kilometres (93 mi) from the Kyrgyzstan-China border and 380 kilometres (240 mi) from the capital Bishkek. It is the administrative capital of Issyk-Kul Region. Its area is 44 square kilometres with polulation about 75,000.


Itinerary 賽事日程

20 July: Arrive Bishkek. 

21 July: Self-arranged transport to Karakol. Race briefing and gear check.  

22 July:  Race Stage 1, distance: 30km, time limit: 8 hours.    

23 July: Race Stage 2, distance: 45km, time limit: 12 hours.   

24 July: Race Stage 3, distance: 25km, time limit: 6 hours.  Awards banquet at Karakol.  

25 June: Self-arranged transport to Bishkek

26 July: Depart from Bishkek.     








Meeting Point and Hotel 集合地點及酒店

Venue: Hotel at Karakol

Address: To be confirmed

Time: 5pm, 21 July 2018     


地址: 稍後公佈


Entry and Fees 報名及費用

Entry Fee 參賽費用

Total Entry Fee: HK$5,500/person or RMB4,400/person    

Deposit: HK$1,000/person or RMB1,000/person, pay when register    

Balance: HK$4,500/person or RMB3,400/person, pay 30 days before the race          

每人總共報名費:港幣5,500元; 或人民幣4,400    

訂金:港幣1,000元; 或人民幣1,000元, 報名時繳付    

餘額:港幣4,500元; 或人民幣3,400元, 在比賽前30天繳付

What’s Included 參賽費用包括

  • Transfers on arrival / departure from Karakol  to race course. 
  • Breakfast on 22 and 25 July morning. 
  • Hotel accommodation in Karakol on 21 and 24 July. (Twin-based shared room) 
  • Accommodation in local yurt camps on 22 and 23 July. 
  • Prize presentation banquet on 24 July night. 
  • Water for the duration of the race and hot water at camps. 
  • Staff and medical support throughout the race 
  • Finisher’s medal 
  • Race T-shirt

  • 卡拉科爾來回賽事路線之交通 
  • 7月22及25日之早餐 
  • 7月21日及25日在卡拉科爾之住宿(雙人普通房間) 
  • 7月22及23日在當地蒙古包中之住宿 
  • 7月24日頒獎晚宴 
  • 比賽期間之飲用水及在營地的熱水 
  • 賽事的工作人員和醫療支援 
  • 完賽獎牌 
  • 賽事紀念T裇乙件

Online Entry 網上報名

Transport 交通

Flight 飛機

Airport: Bishkek Manas International Airport


Aiport Taxi 機場出租車

Taxi from the aiprot to the Bishkek city is about US$20.


Transport to Karakol 前往卡拉科爾的交通

Marshrutkas (minibuses) and shared taxis are avalible from Bishkek to Karakol. It will take 6 hours and costs about US$6.

由比什凱克到卡拉科爾可乘坐小巴或出租車。 需要6個小時,費用約6美元。